Why building a business in your 20s or 30’s is the best idea ever?






We all know that it’s never too late or too early to accomplish your targets and become an entrepreneur but in your 20’s or 30’s there are so many benefits that encourage you to ‘Start your own Business Now’

1-Your youthful spirit is the key to push the limits!

When you are a young entrepreneur, you are lucky to have much more energy and willingness to learn and risen your personal growth, the more you are able to tap into your inner youthful potential, the faster you will be able to chase your dreams.

2-Time is your friend!

because you are still young, you have the time to make successful plans to manage your future business, grow your own brand and fulfill your investments so if you are really keen on starting a business in any sector you want in your 20’s or 30’s, now is the time.

3- You can have more than one business later on!

For young entrepreneurs, the chance to start a business will help them start even more businesses as they are maximizing their great experience, growing a list of business contacts as well as having a broader perspective.

4-If you think you were born to be an entrepreneur so you are a risk taker!

Young entrepreneurs are excited enough to throw themselves into the unknown and take risks, they are fearless and they know that opportunities don’t wait for them for ages.

Finally, always remember ‘ Start Early, Start Fresh’!



There are lot of business ideas that we can find online. As I search for good business ideas this 2017, I dig this awesome video presentation from Youtube. This video is owned by Young Entrepreneurs Forum. Let us see their list of Small business Ideas that suits for beginners who want to set up their […]

via 2017 Small Business Ideas for Beginners — Business Help Solution

5 things mentally strong people often ‘ Do’


1-They focus on their flexibility to change if results didn’t meet their expectations.

Mentally strong people are characterized with flexibility and positivity, they always welcome things that don’t work well with them with positive thinking and they believe in their strong abilities to change as change is inevitable…

2-They learn from the past and don’t live in it.

Mentally strong people don’t waste their time living in the past and wishing things could be different instead they learn from the past and enjoy working in the present towards a better future…

3- They encourage others towards success.

Mentally strong people encourage others to try new things, show confidence in them and they don’t get jealous when others surpass them but they see that helping others succeed can be their greatest success.


4-They always have the motive to take risk

Mentally strong people are fearless, and they don’t stay in their comfort zone! they can analyze risks by asking questions like what are the potential costs and benefits of taking a risk , what are the alternatives and how will this help them achieve their goals?…

5-They turn failures into opportunities.

Mentally strong people don’t give up after failure instead they see that failure is a chance to improve, it can make them closer to their challenging goals, and most of all they always remember that ‘ failure is an opportunity to begin again more ‘Intelligently’.

Is money the main reason we go to work?

logoActually the answer is ‘Money is not the best motivator

Here are the reasons behind why money is not the only motive:

1-A comfortable work environment that encourages your internal desire to work can be more important:

Emotional sources of motivation can be more powerful like feeling appreciated whatever small tasks you do and your real passion to work that goes beyond making money can be a tremendous motivator

2-working in an efficient way that keeps you goal oriented whatever salary you get:

An employee might be working for 10-15 hours per day to be paid more but in fact he doesn’t enjoy his life so that when you are efficient with your time at work, you can balance between work/life, you go back home feeling proud of what you have done can help you feel satisfied and stay in your job instead of taking more money.


3-Money is a byproduct and secondary source of motivation for such achievers:

Most successful entrepreneurs say that their primary motivation has been to build something lasting, not to make a lot of money, they believe that their motivation came from the work itself, and that the respect of others is far more important than money as a measure of accomplishment.

4-Focus on your long-term growth is more important than making more money:

Whatever promotion you get there will be a challenging position that you always dream about it , this can be one of the best ways to motivate yourself at work.

5-learning is the best motive:

If employees are given the tools and opportunities to accomplish more, most will take the challenge. Companies can motivate employees to achieve more by designing specific programs that can be considered an effective way to bring about growth in employees’ knowledge and motivation.

How to find your passion?


Thinking of your passion in life or career is not always an easy task to do…

You might need to make some effort to search deep for your passion !


1. To know your career passion, always ask yourself if you are happy with what you’re doing or no, if  the answer is no, QUIT NOW!

2. Ask yourself the second question, am I a 9-5 job person or no, the answer of this can help you to understand your self-more.

3. List down in a piece of paper your main hobbies and the things you enjoy your time while doing,even it was just listening to music or watching TV series.


4. Remember back what you loved as a child, yes as a child before being worrying about your career & life.

5. If you want to work with your passion, you must always remove money from the equation. Money is important yes, but don’t let the financial pressure limit your choices.

6. Always ask for a feedback from your intimate friends or family, what are the things you do happily and enthusiastically. You will be surprised from their answers ….

When should I quit my job and start a new business ?

logoA question I have been asking myself continuously for the last year..
The idea popped into my head when I started asking after 5 years of being employed, what’s next?
I am starting to get bored & dislike what I am doing, should I wait until reaching the maximum level of boredom & find myself with no other options than quitting my job?

The answer is simple: Starting a company as a reaction to a bad situation does not seem the right thing to do – yet, leaving a secure job for the unknown is a risky, often stressful move.capture

How do you really know if you are ready to make the leap?


  • Do you have a valuable idea as well as a thorough business plan – a new idea is not the only factor for a startup to succeed, many factors actually matters, but what accounts the most are: Timing, Business plan, funding & team.
  • Are you ready to go broke – I find this very challenging specially if you are not single or have financial responsibilities towards family members. So either you’ve made enough savings from your job, or definitely if you can keep you job for a while will make things easier, probably finding a part time job is going to be the best option.
  • You must enhance your Problem Solving Skills – when you are an employee, you manager is always taking care of details and obstacles you are facing, as an entrepreneur it’s always you who is doing  everything so you must be ready to play joker.
  • Backup Plan – You must always have a plan B in case things did not succeed as fast as you thought, a plan B can be another startup idea, a part time job if you need to put your initial plan on hold for a while or simply Keep a good relation with your old recruiter.



4 ‘signs’ You might be a successful entrepreneur



Have you ever thought about yourself as an entrepreneur…
Here are 4 signs that you are meant to be an entrepreneur?



1-You are a rebel!

You are a risk taker and you like to break the rules and do things in a way that no one has even thought of.

 2-You have ‘good decision making skills’

You know how to make important influential decisions with your limited information and resources.


3-You are unpredictable!

As an entrepreneur, you know how quickly things can change, you are ready and willing to make adjustments.

4-You don’t like routine work!

You are creative, and full of new ideas, you like to take the responsibility of creative work as ideas seem like adventures for you.

So you have the creative mindset of an entrepreneur.