50 Ways That Being an Entrepreneur or Blogger Will Change Your Life

1. You become passionate about working. Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions. 2. You wonder how you ever held a normal job. Each day, that typical office-based 9-to-5 lifestyle seems stranger and less appealing to you. 3. You think critically about everything. Being in control makes you evaluate everything, from your morning coffee […]

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Top 10 Myths of E-Commerce


Myth 1:   Online customers are easy to please.

Myth 2:   If I launch a site, customers will flock to it.

Myth 3:   Making money on the Web is easy.

Myth 4:   Privacy is not an important issue.

Myth 5:   The most important part of an e-commerce effort is technology.

Myth 6:   I don’t need a strategy to sell online.

Myth 7:  Customer service is not important.

Myth 8:   Flashy Web sites are better than simple ones.

Myth 9:   It’s what’s up front that counts.

Myth 10:  Its too late to get on the Web.

Product Evolution versus Product Revolution

What is the difference between product evolution and product revolution ?

Product Evolution

Builds on something that is already available in the market and understood , and its evolution can be concerned with providing cheaper product, new features, new market.


Product Revolution

Building a product or service from scratch which is much harder than the product evolution, here it completely depend on  innovative ideas for providing something new in the market that was not expected to appear, same as what apple did.


Now you have the choice between both ways.